Vegan Sunday Lunch 
delivered to your door

Tired of cooking on Sundays?

Need a break from the kitchen?

Spend your day relaxing instead!

Order a healthy vegan Sunday lunch in 2 minutes.

How does it work?

  1. Order a meal by Thursday 7pm.

  2. We deliver by Sunday at 12pm.

  3. Make sure someone's at home :)

  (Northern + Southern Suburbs only)


What can I order?

The Sunday Vegan delivery service is starting out so we've picked a delicious "launch" meal that's inspired by the cuisine of East Africa.


Single Meal

Two Chapatis, Coconut Beans, Baby Potatoes, Sukuma Wiki and Pilau Rice. 



Meal for Two

Three Chapatis, Coconut Beans, Baby Potatoes, Sukuma Wiki and Pilau Rice. 



Family of Four

Six Chapatis, Coconut Beans, Baby Potatoes, Sukuma Wiki and Pilau Rice. 


Who's Jane?

Tamu By Jane was started by Jane Nshuti. Jane is a self-taught vegan chef who is passionate about helping families eat healthier meals. 

She understands that moms and dads are just too busy looking after their kids to also make nutritious meals.

Sundays and weekends are meant to be family time but if you spend all your time cooking then there is very little hours left over for the important stuff.

This motivated her to provide easy-to-order Sunday lunch for families.

Go ahead and try us out. We're here to help out with making your Sunday lunches easier and enjoyable.

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Leon, very busy Dad

The food was amazing!


Claudia, Mom

The Chapatis and Coconut Beans were so tasty!


Laurika, Business owner

I can't wait to order from Jane again.